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Terms & Conditions

  1. All Corridor Farmers Community Build, Education and Aggregation assignments are based on ad-hoc availability, volunteering or freelancing engagement. 
  2. All Community Partners will need to sign the Free Release of Liability/Media-Release (Waiver) Form at
  3. All first time Community Education Partners will need to go through at least one time observer session before 1st conduct of Tour or Workshop respectively. Observers are not reimbursed.
  4. All Community Education Partners are required to register at MOE at
  5. All assignments will require donning of Corridor Farmers T-Shirt as representation. There is a one time T-shirt fee from first assignment. Observers are not required to don on Corridor Farmers T-shirt.
  6. All community partners are required to attend the stipulated e-learning programs at 
  7. All Education Assignments are viewable at
  8. CORRIDOR FARMERS PTE. LTD. reserves the rights to amend all parts of terms & conditions, and any promotional activities without prior notice.

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Please review the community partners onboarding e-learning program at

Note: you may need to sign in or sign up to the Corridor Farmers web account.

For all Education Assignments:

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