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Kai Lan

Kai Lan, known as Chinese broccoli, features tender shoots and a mild earthy taste, enhancing various Asian dishes with its distinctive flavor and texture.

Kai Lan
Soil & Fertiliser
Full Sun to Partial Sun
12 - 16 moles/m²/day
10°C - 25°C
1.5 - 2.5 mS/cm
Regular, keep soil moist
Well-draining soil

Kai Lan, known as Chinese broccoli, is esteemed for its tender shoots and earthy flavor, a prized gem in Asian cuisine. Its robust texture enriches stir-fries and soups, akin to the versatility of bok choy.

In terms of growth conditions, kai lan thrives under moderate sunlight and in well-drained soil. Flourishing across various settings, from personal gardens to commercial plots, it adapts seamlessly to containers or open ground.

One remarkable trait of kai lan is its cohesive growth pattern, much like the unity displayed by bok choy. Its shoots and leaves harmoniously cluster, allowing for selective harvesting to nurture ongoing growth.

Harvesting kai lan involves gathering young, tender shoots while permitting inner foliage to mature. Brimming with essential vitamins and dietary fiber, kai lan presents a nutritious option with minimal caloric intake.

Kai lan's culinary adaptability mirrors its counterparts, shining across an array of dishes. From vibrant stir-fries to comforting soups, its versatile presence enhances a diverse range of culinary creations, reminiscent of bok choy's flexible character.

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