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pH/EC/TDS/Temp Meter

pH/EC/TDS/Temp Meter


Lightweight and portable multimeter for testing water quality. The multimeter is made of premium ABS and electronic components, with good waterproof performance up to IP67.

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  • Material: ABS+ electronic components
    Size: 18.5 x 3.7 x 2.4cm
    Battery performance/capacity: 3 x 1.5v (LR44) button cell 100MAH
    ph range: 0-14
    TDS range: 0-200,000 ppm
    EC range: 0-200,000 μ s/cm
    Salinity range: salinity 0-20%
    ORP negative potential: 1999MV
    H2 hydrogen-rich: 0-2400PPb
    s.g The specific gravity of seawater: 1.000-1.222.
    Temperature range: 0-60℃
    Waterproof grade: IP67

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