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Sprouting Pencil

Sprouting Pencil


Green Pencil


Yellow Pencil


Red Pencil

An Eco-Friendly Innovation for Sustainable Writing

Introducing Corridor Farmers' Sprouting Pencil – more than just an ordinary writing tool;
it's a revolutionary concept designed to inspire eco-conscious living and sustainable practices.

Crafted with utmost care and precision, each Sprouting Pencil is more than just graphite encased in wood.
Embedded within its wood casing lies a hidden surprise – a biodegradable capsule filled with seeds.
These seeds are carefully selected to thrive in various environments,
ensuring that every discarded Sprouting Pencil has the potential to bloom into life.

When your Sprouting Pencil reaches the end of its writing journey, instead of discarding it, simply plant it!
With a bit of soil, water, and care, watch as your pencil transforms into a flourishing plant.
Whether it's herbs, flowers, or vegetables, each Sprouting Pencil has the power to contribute to
greener spaces and brighter futures.

Embrace sustainability without compromising on quality or creativity.
Corridor Farmers' Sprouting Pencils are crafted to deliver smooth and precise writing experiences,

making them ideal companions for both professional endeavors and artistic expressions.

Join us in our mission to reduce waste, foster environmental stewardship, and inspire a greener tomorrow – one pencil at a time. Choose Sprouting Pencil for your writing needs and together we can sprout a farm in every corner.

Additional Materials Needed


Empty Pot

CF Blended Mix 2.jpg

Potting Mix


Misting/Spray Bottle

Instruction Guide


Step 1: 

Use pencil til it gets shorter.


Step 3:
Plant the pencil sidewards into pot with potting soil. Water soil, allow seed capsule to dissolve.


Step 3:

Seeds will germinate in 5-7 days, and sprout into seedling in 10-12 days.

Refer to Plant Glossary for the growing guides of each plant type.

*All terms and conditions applied.


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